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  • SmartEye features a built-in motion sensor that continuously monitors human movement directly underneath the Livesun unit, once SmartEye is activated it will automatically increase the brightness of the LED lamp to 100% brightness for 30 seconds; once the time elapses then the brightness of the LED lamp will return to its stand-by level. This innovative feature increases the battery autonomy as well as providing added security to the illuminated area.
Download our technical brochure here for a complete list of product specs on the go!
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Anti Perching Bird Spike
To maintain the efficiency of the solar panel we are also able to offer a custom built Bird Spike. The Anti perching device will protect against 'fouling' by using bird spikes at the highest point of the solar panel. This ensures that birds are not able to perch on the top of the solar panel and depreciate the solar efficiency.

The Bird Spikes are made of very strong poly-carbonate plastic and are secured onto the aluminium frame of the Solar Panel. The device is suitable for both the Livesun and Alpha Series of solar lights.
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Key Features & Benefits
  • Maintains Solar Panel Efficiency
  • Reduces fouling on Solar Panel
  • Deters birds from perching on the Solar Panel
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