Alpha Series
Alpha Series is the 'next-generation' of Solar powered LED lighting systems that is setting the standard for the future; applying revolutionary technology developments to deliver the most intelligent solar lighting solution available today. The Alpha series offers a compact and robust design that is well suited for Australia's harsh weather conditions; Our newly developed LED lens offers much improved lighting distribution that will meet the most demanding specification criteria as well as providing 'Smart-Eye' motion detection technology that automatically regulates the lamp output to increase battery autonomy.
Alpha AE6
Alpha AE6 is Leadsun's most versatile and powerful Solar LED light fitting that can adapt to all types applications, it includes a fully adjustable and high capacity solar array and built-in lithium-ion battery capable upto 5 days battery autonomy
Alpha AE5
Alpha AE5 is Leadsun's most innovative and contemporary 'All-In-One' Solar light fitting and was fundamentally designed to have the unique LED strip lighting disappear into the street scape.
Alpha AE2
Alpha AE2 is a compact and versatile LED Solar light fitting that can adapt to a range of applications such as strata, driveways and inner city developments.
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